Welcome to The Tarn Moor Estate

The Tarn Moor Estate is a registered charity which holds a substantial amount of land on the outskirts of Skipton for the benefit of the community.

Income received from the charity’s landholdings and other investments is used for the purpose of providing grants for the general benefit of the residents of Skipton.

The Estate’s landholdings comprise a total of approximately 265 acres, largely made up of grassland let to local farmers on Farm Business Tenancies, plus a small area (11.7 acres) of woodland (Bog Wood) to the North of Skipton.  A small site is let to the BeeMore Project and the Estate also leases an area of land to Skipton Golf Club.

The Estate’s assets include the Tarn Moor Memorial Ground, a natural woodland burial site a licensed pub business, the The Craven Heifer and a network of public footpaths around the original tarn moor area.

The Estate first came about with the Enclosure Act in 1767 becoming the property of the Lord of the Manor and the freeholders of Skipton with the income going to the support of the Poor. In recent years the Estate has been run by the Trustees, with the help of professional land management advisers.

Who we are.

The Tarn Moor Woodland Trust is a grant-making charity for the general benefit of the people of Skipton, North Yorkshire.

What we do.

We manage land to generate income to give grants for capital and educational purposes to organisations in Skipton.

Where we are.

We own land to the North and West of Skipton, situated off the Skipton ring road and up the Grassington Road.

Why we’re here.

The charity was set up to administer land holdings previously owned, for historic reasons, by Skipton Town Council.

The Tarn Moor Estate: A responsible landowner, actively and sustainably managing the land and working for the benefit of the people of Skipton.